Thorough Floor Covering Services including Carpet Installation

Office Carpet - Carpet

• Carpet (Broadloom & Modular)
• Vinyl Composition Tile
• Sheet Vinyl Flooring
• Luxury Vinyl Plank
• Wall Base
• True Solid Hardwood Flooring
• Porcelain Ceramic Tile, including large format
• Stone Walls

Flooring Materials

Let us help you find the right materials to get the installation of your flooring done. We also bid through general contractors for commercial jobs and provide the necessary supplies. For each job, we only order materials based on the need of the client. In addition, our company has a warehouse to store the materials until the time of the actual installation comes.

What We Do

Contractors and building owners can contact us directly, because we subscribe to a service that supplies us with job listings. Once you get in touch with us, we can start the bid work or the negotiation process right away. Inform us of the kind of material needed as well as your desired color for the floor, and we then come in and measure the space before ordering the products you want. We service various commercial establishments including:

• Hospitals
• Schools
• Churches
• Banks
• Public and Privately Owned Buildings
• Sports Flooring

Why Choose Us

Hiring a company that concentrates on your flooring cuts down your renovation expenses, compared to employing a general contractor. We coordinate with clients on value engineering where we can put together some materials that are more cost-effective, helping your budget. In order to get the best possible flooring solutions, our team also consults with the client on the type of floor.

Contract Work

Usually, we do bid work under contract. However, if we are dealing directly with building owners, clients can sign off on a work order without a contract.

Contact us in Little Rock, Arkansas, to get our all-inclusive floor covering and carpet installation services.